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The Truth about the Holy Season of Lent!

For Catholics and some other denominations of Christianity the Holy Season of Lent has begun. But the truth that fewer of the so-called faithful are willing to admit is that this “Holy Season” is rooted in wickedness, idolatry and hypocrisy.

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Ben Carson and the Truth about Slavery!

Dr. Ben Carson’s life reads like a fairy tale born of the Civil Rights movement. As an accomplished surgeon, politician, presidential candidate and current Secretary of Housing and Development, Dr. Carson is a model of Black pride, perseverance and triumph.

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World’s Most Ambitious Satanic Priest!

The Apostle Peter warns us to be sober and vigilant because our adversary the Devil as a roaring lion walks about seeking whom he may devour. But in process of time, poets, philosophers and theologians would muse over the nature

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