Latest International Craze? – Gemstones with Magical Powers!

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Diamonds, Rubies, emeralds and sapphires – The Lord has created great treasures within the Earth, Objects of such rarity and beautiful as to be adored and admired by all. Kings and Princes were adorned with them and armies have fought wars for them. Even the Kings and Priests of the Most High God have adorned themselves with precious stones for glory and majesty. But like so many gifts given to man, this gift was also corrupted. And the treasures that the Lord created in the Earth were worshipped as gods themselves – Becoming idols or used as tools in witchcraft and the occult. Even till this many covet these objects. While some admire them for their beauty, others see only an instrument of Evil used to channel planetary and universal energies to fulfill their own Satanic lusts.

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