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Florida Woman Crashes Car While Praying Behind the Wheel.

In an article which may seem a bit too humorous to be believed, a Florida woman who crashed her vehicle while praying is trending again on social media. Although piety is an admirable trait especially when it takes the form

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Male Dancer Steals Spotlight in Audition for Miami Heat Cheer Squad

Miami native Keith Wilson caused quite a buzz on the internet when the video of his recent audition for Miami Heat Cheerleader went viral. The feedback has been mostly positive with many saying that he outshined most, if not all

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Pastor Jailed for Feeding Homeless

A Fort Lauderdale Pastor and two other men are facing up to 60 days in prison and a $500 fine for committing a crime. What crime you may ask, well thanks to a new Ft Lauderdale Florida ordinance it is

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Murder Music: A Young Black Man Murdered for Loud Music

Another young Black adolescent has been murdered under some very suspicious circumstances. This case begins with a 17 year old young Black male named Jordan Russell that was sitting in the back seat of a car in front of a

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