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“The Preachers” Endorse Monique’s Open Marriage

When Fox TV added “The Preachers” to their talk show line up, the station executives could not have known that the “faith” based program would be such a source of controversy. According to the station webpage “The Preachers” is an

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LGBT-Z: The Next Fight for Sexual Rights – Bestiality?

“Why would you need a commandment or law about that? It’s common sense that we shouldn’t do that.” When discussing the Bible, Christ and repentance, that is an argument you will often hear. People feel that their own moral compass

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About 30% of children in the United States grow up without their father in the house. Approximately 50% of minority marriages end in divorce. Statistics show that this has a devastating effect on our community. Why is this occurring? How

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Ciara and Russell Wilson’s No-Sex Policy

A few different news outlets recently ran an article about R&B singer Ciara and football player Russell Wilson’s decision to abstain from sex until they are man and wife.  Wilson is quoted as saying “I asked her what would you

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Beware of Idolatry!

In a video that has recently resurfaced on the internet, we see a standing, graven image of a woman being held aloft by four men in a Catholic church. One misstep causes the idol to fall and break into pieces.

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Male Dancer Steals Spotlight in Audition for Miami Heat Cheer Squad

Miami native Keith Wilson caused quite a buzz on the internet when the video of his recent audition for Miami Heat Cheerleader went viral. The feedback has been mostly positive with many saying that he outshined most, if not all

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Ashley Madison Cyber Attack Exposes 37 Million Adulterers!

Mark 4:22 For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad. The Holy Bible admonishes us that there is nothing so secret that it shall not be

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Should Parents Wait to Teach their Children about Sex?

Disclaimer: This video contains a graphic account of sexual contact between children. As a Church we do not shy away from addressing any issues no matter how disturbing they may be to the viewing audience. The word of God must

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Adulterous Pastor Spreads AIDS instead of the Gospel!

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama has recently joined the ever growing list of congregations destroyed by an unscrupulous Pastor. The Rev. Juan McFarland confessed to the congregation that he was having sex with members of the church, on

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Church Bans Children to Keep Child Molester Pastor!

Shiloh Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida has recently resurfaced on the internet as bloggers recall the incident in 2012 which placed Darrell Gilyard, a convicted sex offender as Bishop of their congregation. Fueling the intensity of this scandal was the

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