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LGBT-Z: The Next Fight for Sexual Rights – Bestiality?

“Why would you need a commandment or law about that? It’s common sense that we shouldn’t do that.” When discussing the Bible, Christ and repentance, that is an argument you will often hear. People feel that their own moral compass

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Male Dancer Steals Spotlight in Audition for Miami Heat Cheer Squad

Miami native Keith Wilson caused quite a buzz on the internet when the video of his recent audition for Miami Heat Cheerleader went viral. The feedback has been mostly positive with many saying that he outshined most, if not all

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Outrage over gay black fathers Instagram photos

This is a story that has gone viral on the internet. Their names are Kordale and Kaleb and they are two gay black men raising three children. In an interview by the Huffington Post, they stated that “The picture was

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