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Teen Kills Mother and Rapes her Corpse!

What if we told you that Monsters are very real – and they are among us? They have overrun the streets of the Ghettos and slums. Their reach extends to the gated communities of your suburban neighborhoods. They infest the

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Chicago Man Hires Friends To Kill Mother For Life Insurance Money!

Qawmane Wilson, 24 also known by his rapper moniker of Young QC has recently been arrested and charged with masterminding the murder of his own mother. His motivation was to get his hands on the substantial amounts of money in

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Art Imitates Life as Rapper Charged with Double Murder!

The question has often been asked, “Does life imitate art or does art imitate life?” In the case of Antwain Steward aka “Twain Gotti” it was definitely the latter. The Virginia rapper is now facing charges for a double murder

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