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“Son of God” Movie Perpetuates Myth of White Jesus!

Minister Paul Scott of the Durham, NC based Messianic Afrikan Nation has recently called for a nationwide boycott of the movie “Son of God”. Minister Scott says that he is outraged that in 2014 many people in this country still

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Connecticut Pastor Drops Dead after Confessing Infidelity!

Bishop Bobby Davis, founder of Miracle Faith World Outreach Church in Bridgeport, Ct met an untimely death just moments after confessing his marital infidelity to the congregation. It is believed that the stress of the situation triggered a fatal heart

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Should Halloween be Celebrated by Christians?

The Two Halloweens Of all the Holidays celebrated in today’s world, few are as popular or as misunderstood as Halloween. For some the word Halloween evokes warm childhood memories with friends and family, Dressing in costumes and eating way too

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